bryan puts his foot down!

so yesterday bryan had his second day off in about 6 weeks. while it would have been nice to do nothing but relax, we've got company coming this weekend. we both were very busy, but to summarize the day, i think the best way is to recreate below the email bryan sent to his coworkers this morning:

bryan'sworkemail@hiswork.com said:

So i had a day off...

The GOOD: TV installed in the bathroom.

The BAD: The mess that needed to be cleaned up.

The UGLY: The spot in the ceiling that I put my foot through.

Always remember STAR.
STOP: I did. Thankfully I was still in the attic.
THINK: 'Damn!'
ACT: I got up, then went out the *other* access hole and down the ladder.
REVIEW: Summnabitch there is a huge hole in the ceiling that needs to be

lovely, isn't it? :) those OSHA saftey acronyms really come in handy....

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