Oh no she didn't!

This morning, I rode the bus to work for the first time in about a month. For several months, every time I rode, I got motion sick, so I just stopped. I really do dislike driving to work, though, and today I needed gas and didn't feel like getting it, so it seemed like a good time to see if this baby still doesn't like public transportation.

Well, we did fine--no motion sickness--but I'm not sure if that's because I am over that or if it's because I spent the whole bus ride either trying to ignore the conversation behind me or trying to resist the urge to slap this crazy woman behind me.

The initial conversation was more annoying than anything... there are some ladies on the bus we lovingly refer to as "biddies." They are very loud and opinionated and generally their opinions are not shared by the majority of bus riders. I was lucky enough this morning to have a man give up his seat for me on a bus that was packed full with about 15 people standing in the aisle, but unlucky enough that my seat was right in front of the biddies. So they were talking politics, and they and me are not on the same side of the political fence. I respect that not everyone thinks like me, so I was just trying to tune them out.

Unfortunately, it wasn't working, so I was still hearing every word when they started talking about health care. And I heard loud and clear when one woman, standing in the aisle, spewed out this little gem:

"You know, I don't have a problem with health insurance companies dropping someone if they get cancer."


Oh, friends. Oh, dear internet friends. I turned around to see who the crazy bitch was who had just said this LOUDLY on a bus full of about 65 people, and really and truly wanted to say something to her, but I didn't. Because I was pissed, and I knew that if I said something, there was going to be a scene and I was not going to find any words to say that were going to be nice. And I try to be a lady, at least in front of strangers.

Can you believe she said that in front of God and everybody?! I still can't. Obviously she has never had a family member suffer from cancer, nor does she understand the concept that she's paying monthly for insurance that's supposed to COVER YOU if you have a SERIOUS HEALTH PROBLEM. Holy moses.

So I was fuming. I wanted to slap her so bad my baby hurt, but I just looked forward and got out my cell phone and texted away with two friends on the bus.

I couldn't, however, keep my mouth shut when we got to the first bus stop and someone behind her was trying to get off and I heard her say, "Well, you'll just have to wait until the next stop." I spoke up then, and said something along the lines of "OH NO, YOU WILL LET HIM OFF! YOU WOULDN'T LIKE IT IF SOMEONE TOLD YOU YOU COULDN'T GET OFF OF THE BUS!" And yes, I may have said it so loudly that probably everyone on the bus heard me.

But at least I didn't slap her. :)


LDB: Week 24

Yesterday I put a countdown of the weeks left until we get to meet LDB on our fridge... over half way there, and HOLY CRAP that Week 40 mark is coming fast! :)

The past month or so has gone really smoothly. I certainly am tired more easily and more often, and I'm starting to get uncomfortable, but really, I'm feeling good. My last doctor's visit was nice and simple... baby growing well, mommy feeling good, see you in four weeks! I have to say, since I'm in this calm stage of pregnancy, it makes me miss the midwife I started out with... my new high risk OB is great, don't get me wrong, but it's just a different type of care. I talked to my doc last week about getting back in with the midwife group at MCV so that, if I continue to do well with this pregnancy, I can have the natural birth I was hoping for. Hopefully that will work out!

Now our focus needs to be on getting ready for LDB's arrival in... wow, 3.5 months! We have to get a lot of stuff cleaned out of the house and clear out a room for him, we need to pick furniture for the nursery... we're working on it, but it's a slow process with both of us working full time. I thought that I would get a lot accomplished with two weeks off at Christmas, but between getting ready for the holidays and then taking some time to be lazy (pregnant ladies are supposed to do that, right?), not a lot happened. :)

My good friend Traci took me to Babies R Us earlier this week to register. She offered to do this a couple of years ago before I was even pregnant, and I had been counting on her advice ever since. And let me tell you, having her there was priceless! She and I worked together at the Arthritis Foundation and I've considered her a surrogate big sister for the past, gosh, almost 10 years. I trust her advice and we have similar personalities, so basically whatever she said worked for her, I scanned it. :) (With a little personalization, anyway...) My mother-in-law is having a baby shower for me Super Bowl weekend so that I won't have to make the 6-hour drive to Pennsylvania when I'm REALLY uncomfortable and huge, so we need to get to Target and do some registering as well. It's a bit overwhelming how much STUFF you need for a baby!

Bryan got to feel our little man kick for the first time Christmas night, how sweet is that? He (the baby) is quite the little athlete... he is very active and with some of the kicks I get, I'm nervous about what the next 16 weeks hold. I've heard stories of cracked ribs and such, hopefully LDB will spare me that. :)