Jon & the Remote Control

Jon, apparently, has a thing for our remote control. I discovered this yesterday evening as I attempted to entertain him while I caught up on So You Think You Can Dance. (Just in case you want to yell at me about TV and little babies: Yes, I watch TV all the time when my kid is awake. But we don't let him actually WATCH the TV.)

Here he is having an intense conversation with the remote. You will hear me make a funky noise--that's me chuckling. Also, at the end, I make the remote "kiss" him. Oh, come on, he likes kisses! This went on for about 5 minutes, but this is the tail end of the conversation, thus his tending toward being Mr. Crankypants at the end.


This is what it's like in my head.

The following is a conversation I had with myself in my head while riding the bus to my car after work today. It occurred to me that this is a prime example of why people always said I was weird when they signed my yearbooks.

(After noticing the bus driver's name plate. His first initial was Q.)

It would be cool to have a kid with a first name that starts with Q.

I wonder what his name is. Quentin? Quinton?
It could be Quincy.

Quincy's not a bad name. I wonder what people would think if I named my next son Quincy.

Jon and Quincy. Those don't really go together. Jenn said her pediatrician said people should pick a theme for their kids' names so they go together.

Well, I guess I'd just have to have a third son and name him Adam.

Jon, Quincy, Adam.
It goes together if they all come together to be a president's name, right?

Yeah, I think weird things. :)

Image of our seventh president courtesy of www.visitingdc.com.


Gettin' 'er dun.

Tomorrow, I become a working mother. I have had almost three months now to realize that being a stay at home mom is TOTALLY not as easy as I thought it would be.

When I was pregnant, I had this glamorous idea of what it would be like to have a baby and be home every day. I would have a spotless house, since I would be home most of the time. I would finally peruse the many cookbooks I own and love, and come up with fabulous meals to make and have ready every night when Bryan got home from work. I would finally go through all those Real Simple and Cooking Light magazines I have been saving, tearing out articles and recipes I wanted to incorporate in my life, then I'd actually use them. I would finish the quilt I started when my Grandma and I took that class. I would finally decorate my house the way I have wanted to for years, but have never gotten around to. I would exercise regularly. And of course, all of that would be in addition to spending quality time with my child and tending to all of his needs, and my own.


Well, that's not exactly how it's gone.

I think there *are* women who do all of those things, but for the life of me I don't know how. Maybe if I had longer, I'd figure it out. Lately I've been wondering if I'd have figured it out better if I knew this was going to be my reality, if maybe I have subconsciously been operating as though this time with my son is just an extended vacation. I don't know.

For the past two weeks, I have wanted to make spaghetti for dinner. I actually thawed out two different packages of hamburger and had to throw them out, because something or other got in the way of making it. Granted, part of the problem is that we like our sauce to cook for a while before we eat it, so there were nights where I could have thrown it together, but we were too hungry to wait. Most days, I found myself with Jon asleep on my chest on the couch, or he was awake but cranky or bored and wanted Mommy's attention. Finally, yesterday, with precious little time before the *third* pack of hamburger went bad in the fridge, I decided I was going to make it happen. Jon was not interested in any of his usual docking stations (pack 'n' play, swing, play yard...), so into the Baby Bjorn he went. He's big enough now that he can face forward, so I think he rather enjoyed cooking with Mommy. Of course, I was terrified I was going to burn his little tootsies, so I had to do this sort of behind-the-back stirring of the sauce to keep him away from the stove. But we FINALLY had spaghetti for dinner! :)

What I've learned in these three months is that you do what you gotta do to get 'er dun. And most days, that involves some sort of acrobatics.


These Guys.

These guys, they are pretty much my everything these days.

Bryan's on vacation this week and today he took Jon out on a little field trip. It was the first time I've been alone in our house since before Jon was born. It was weird as hell, but nice, too. I spent a few minutes cleaning, a few minutes on the computer, a few minutes reading a book and stuffing my face with junk food... and most of the time wondering how my boys were doing. :) Technology is awesome, though, because I got updates from Bryan occasionally, including this photo and the caption that Jon likes shopping at Target:

Me, I'm the luckiest girl in the world.