well, since returning from paradise, things have pretty much settled back to normal. i think i had vacation withdrawals for a while, as i had headaches for about a week afterwards. i am convinced this was my body yelling at me for depriving it of the glorious sunshine i basked in on vacation. unfortunately it has been too bleeping hot to go outside in the sun!

i guess that's not entirely true, though... we did go to busch gardens a couple of weekends ago, courtesy of dominion virginia power's dominion days perk. very nice. 2 tickets, free parking, and a free meal. we went with our friends tammy and justin and their son caleb. it was lots of fun, and lots of waiting in line! we rode the new "dive coaster,"the griffon. it was a good thrill, but i still like alpengeist better. :) a few photos of the day:

bryan and i on the log flume

the griffon! what a drop!

tammy and i looking way cool in our 3-D glasses, preparing to ride The Curse of DarKastle

since busch gardens we've done a lot of, well, nothing exciting... bryan has been working on our fleet a lot (of 5 vehicles, there was about a week where not a single one was in full working order. now we have 1, perhaps by tomorrow we'll have 2!) and i've been doing laundry. :)

this past weekend, though, we did spend a very nice father's day afternoon with my dad and neener. we had grilled flank steak with tomato, avocado and cucumber salsa, grilled asparagus and roasted red potatoes. i thought it was pretty good if i do say so myself. :) of course, the best part was getting to spend time with my dear old dad on father's day!

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