Our Great South African Adventure: Day 9

Note: I'm posting the trip in increments of one or two days, so make sure you start from my first post and work your way backwards--just follow the titles!

  • Knysna (pronounced nye-zna) was GORGEOUS! In the morning we took a boat cruise over to the Featherbed Nature Reserve, where we got a ride to the top of the hill and walked down one side of the Knysna Heads, two sandstone cliffs that mark the entrance to the Knysna Lagoon. Talk about some spectacular views! Then we had a most delicious lunch of a bunch of things I couldn’t identify but enjoyed immensely. :) I know one of them was kudu, another antelope thingy. I ate a lot of those. :)
  • The afternoon was reserved for the Knysna Elephant Park! I had been looking forward to this since we booked the trip. It was something I had discovered on my own, it wasn’t part of our planned itinerary, but our companions decided to come with us anyway. This was great, except I had every intention of paying whatever it cost to ride the elephants, and Bryan was on board. Our friends, however, weren’t as crazy about the elephant friends as I am, so they didn’t really want to pay that much, and it was going to be about 4 hours after we got there until Bryan and I would be done with that adventure, so we decided that we didn’t want to make them wait for us AGAIN. Instead we all did the meet & greet & feed with the elephants. We each got a bucket of food and drove out to where the elephants hang out. We fed them, and got to touch them and walk around with them for a while. Really when it was all said and done, I was satisfied with that, but I told Bryan he owes me an elephant ride at some point in our lives. :)
  • We had the evening to ourselves, and we strolled around the waterfront and had a great Italian dinner—we were ready for non-South African grub! Afterwards we had a dip in the hot tub, where we totally overheated, and then had to go back and repack our suitcase, since we had dropped our laundry off to be done that morning.

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