settling in

man, i can't believe how hard it is to settle back in to the real world! i want it to still be our wedding and honeymoon. :) i am finally getting back into the swing of things at work, and actually have been pretty busy for a change. we have recruitment for the residency starting at the beginning of november, so there has been a lot to do for that. it's funny, it never occurred to me when i was in wedding lala land in september that i'd be coming back with just a couple weeks to go before recruitment started! but i'm managing just fine. :)

so monday was my 3rd chiniversary--the 3rd anniversary of my chin surgery. it is weird to think it's been that long. seems like that was forever ago! i actually forgot about it this year, which surprises me because it's like a second birthday or something to me. my friend leslie called and left me a voice mail wishing me a happy chiniversary monday night after i'd gone to bed so i didn't get the message until last night. i had to call bryan immediately because i couldnt' believe we had BOTH forgotten! but we have had a lot going on so it's understandable i guess. :)
well, i thought our lives would slow down when the wedding was over but our "social schedule" is busier than ever. tonight we have leslie and her friend kush coming over to fix our computers and try to recover the honeymoon pictures that have disappeared, friday we are going to the drag races (bryan asked if i wanted to race sabine, my eclipse. i declined.), saturday is my 10 year high school reunion (getting old!), and sunday some of our friends are having a housewarming party. then tuesday we go get our wedding pictures! hooray! i can't wait. of course you will all get to see them as soon as we have them!

guess i will get back to work... duty calls!

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Cassandra said...

Welcome Back! I have pictures to share with you...

Share some more of your pics when you can!