back and married!

it is hard to believe that two weeks ago today i was getting ready to get married, now here i am back to the real world, working, with no wedding planning to distract me and no deadlines awaiting me!

the wedding was amazing. i honestly could not have hand picked a better day. the weather was perfect, there were no snags to speak of and the reception was so much fun! i only wish i had been able to talk to everyone a little more, but with 150+ people there, that was virtually impossible. most of you who read this were there, but i thought i'd share a few pictures that people have sent me anyway. i love reliving the day. :) once i get my pro pics i'll share those as well.

here's me and my dad about to come down the aisle. i got teary eyed briefly when i saw bryan but managed to hold it together pretty well...

here is the a nice picture of what the ceremony looked like, how it was laid out and stuff. i apologize to anyone who was at the top and couldn't hear! someone told me bryan and i were funny because we kept looking around at the audience instead of at each other... well, i would just like to say for the record that i was ridiculously in love with not only bryan at that moment, but all of my family and friends who shared the day with us!

believe me, when it got down to it, there was only one person i was paying attention to: my husband!

and then, they were mr. and mrs. klinger...
when we were introduced at main street station, bryan insisted on carrying me up the stairs. it was fun and exciting, but i swear i was terrified he was going to step on my dress and we would both tumble back down the stairs!in the end, we had a wonderful day and it was definitely worth all the planning and worrying over... i wouldn't mind doing it again, even... with the same man, of course. :)


wahoobubba said...

it was most wonderful to see two people so much in love. and it was a great time being around such a lovely couple and all the fun people who care about both of you so much. joy to you both.

Anonymous said...

It was so beautiful it was almost like a fairy tale!... I'd like to say THANKS to the both of you for your hard work putting this wedding together. I've been to many weddings and this was by far one of the best. I wish for you loads of continuing love and happiness. Love, Aunt Brenda