the single life

so this week, bryan has been in roanoke on business and i've been living the life of a single girl. it has been very weird. i can't remember the last time we were apart for this long, probably about 2 years.

i managed to do alright, but i am so glad he's coming home today! tuesday i took my friend leslie out to dinner at a great restaurant i discovered thanks to the newspaper. it's called andre's. it's french-style food (kinda) but the chef is asian. it was EXCELLENT. which reminds me, i was going to bring the leftovers for lunch today... darn. i had a 4 oz. filet mignon and crabcake. yum. it was fun to hang out with leslie, too. she has good stories about her dating life and such. while i'm more than happy i don't have to date anymore, it's still fun to hear those stories. :)

wednesday i had another date with my friend jodie, to watch american idol. i don't know if the judges are more harsh or if i'm more sensitive, but every year i squirm a little more when they insult the bad singers, and even more so for the pretty good but not great ones... the ones that arent' delusional, they just really believe that they're good enough. and then the judges tell them they aren't. i hate that. i can't stand to see peoples' dreams shattered on television. so i'll be glad when it gets past the auditions. jodie and i met in 1995, and she and i have always had so much fun together. when we were younger we were totally crazy, and although we've tamed down tremendously, we still find ourselves doing the goofiest stuff sometimes. this week it involved me, jodie and her daughter jordan acting out our own version of american idol. none of us can sing too well. jordan probably has the best voice of all of us, but that might just be because she's cute. :)

last night it was time for me to get back down to business and get the house all cleaned up for bryan to come home. it's amazing the amount of worn clothes that can accumulate on a bedroom floor in a few short days... :)

now, it's lunchtime, and i am counting the hours down until i see my honey again....

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