movin' on up...

so my move up to the 12th floor and my new office is complete. it is a bittersweet transition for these reasons:

-sweet: bigger office. MUCH bigger. like 3 times the size. very good. i no longer feel like i am in a closet.
-sweet: carpet! yes! i have carpet instead of yucky institutional tile!
-sweet: bright lights! my boss insisted if they were moving her (and subsequently me) that they were going to do it right, so she ordered the best lights and best ceiling tiles. which may seem trivial to some, but i dig nice, bright white light. especially considering...
-bitter: no windows. ugh. as if i didn't already have a dearth of vitamin d in my life. my old office didn't have a window either, but it had an office behind it which had a window, so i could peek through the doorway or walk in there to catch a little sunshine or a glimpse of the outside world. here, i am in the middle of the building and have no idea where i can find a window (at least, i don't know the people with the offices with windows).
-bitter: i left my girls downstairs! on the seventh floor, i had my pals brie and krystyna to gab with on occasion. i can still go down there when i want, but it's just not the same as walking around the corner.
-bitter: i don't know anyone on this floor. there are two ladies down the hall who i know sort of, but they're older than me, whereas brie and krystyna are much closer to my own age. i'm friendly, though... i'm sure i'll meet plenty of folks in due time. :)
-sweet: i have a nice full-size leather couch in my office. perfect for friends who visit, emergency naps, or reading boring ass grants, or heck, even reading for pleasure during lunch or something. also, i have taken to watching 24 on myspace most tuesdays, so now i can sit back on the couch and turn my monitor that way!

so, i guess tallying it all up, there are more sweet than bitter things about the move. then again, it's only day 2 in the new digs, we'll see how it goes as time goes on!

in other news, bryan and i are on the hunt for furniture for our front living room. this is proving to be more difficult than i expected. i realized i am a picky lady. i have a vague idea of what i want (modern but not overly so, nice but not stuffy, comfy but not overly so since it is the "formal" living room), but nothing we looked at really jumped out at me. we went to 7 furniture stores on saturday and there was nothing that i felt like we absolutely MUST buy. now that i've seen pretty much everything that's out there that's not super expensive, i am hoping we can revisit the couple of stores that seemed the most promising and i'll rediscover something i've already seen as the set that we actually will buy. we shall see.

of course, starting this week bryan will be working longer hours and more weekends, as it is outage season and he'll have to be at work making sure things are running smoothly. (well, i think that's what he does, generally. :) ) so who knows when the actual furniture buying will happen. i'm really hoping to have it in the house in time for the grammer/klinger birthday extravaganza on april 7... keep your fingers crossed!

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