warm weather makes me HAPPY!

well, spring has arrived for a brief stay, and i am lovin' it. too bad it's supposed to get back down in the low fifties this weekend... :-/

so last week i went to the first of my three-part cooking class, and lemme tell ya, i think a monster has been created. it was SO MUCH FUN! the class was called "soups and stocks," so we learned how to make various stocks (for those not into the cooking-speak, broths) and then we broke off into groups and each made a soup. i met some fun people that i'm looking forward to seeing again on thursday, and made some great food, and learned some fun things! this week is "poultry and fish." sur la table, the store where i'm taking the class, offers many, many different types of classes, and i am afraid i've caught the bug. i can't wait to sign up for another class, but they run about $65-$75 each, so i'm going to have to limit myself...

on saturday bryan and i hopped on the motorcycle to do some more furniture shopping, and, after sitting on two different sets for about an hour, decided on one! it was a set bryan had pointed out to me on our first trip to this store, and i really liked it then, but wasn't sure i was willing to take the "risk." see, it's a little trendy, a little edgy--not the usual solid color stuff that i lean towards. but finally, i decided that i really like it a lot and if nothing else, i can always have it reupholstered in a few years if i really grow out of it! so, that will arrive on march 31! just in time for the birthday/easter festivities! i'll post pictures when we get some! now i need to go out and find curtains and artwork and such.... :) fun!!!

this weekend i'm heading up to bath county to visit with my brother and sister and hopefully attend the highland county maple festival. now, you talk about a party! ha! okay, maybe not a party. but it will be fun to see them and do something fun. unfortunately bryan's on outage schedule and won't be able to come with me... freaking power station! :)

well, almost time to head out for the day into the 80 degree weather! woohoo! i love it. on saturday after the furniture shopping we went over to see todd and sarah's new place and cooked out on the grill, so good! you tend to forget how fabulous warm weather is after it's been too cold to do anything for 3 or 4 months...

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