i, too, am experiencing the madness.

so in years past, i have occasionally filled out an NCAA tournament bracket just for the heck of it. typically when i do this, i get 'em all wrong because i tend to have a soft spot for the underdog and pick all kinds of upsets that, of course, do not happen.

well, this year, a friend of mine told me about a pool he was entering, just a friendly contest among friends, of course (wink, wink). so i decided to fill out a bracket, see if i could win the top prize of bragging rights (wink, wink).

and guess what.

after day one, i am 15 for 16! holy crap! i guessed almost every single game RIGHT! unbelievable! i am so excited and now fully entrenched in this march madness stuff. yesterday i logged onto the extensive coverage at cbs.com and refreshed the page every 5 minutes to see if the teams i chose were winning. ha! it was ridiculous.

now, i am not dumb. i realize that there are still (let me count) 47 more selections to go and anything can happen. but if you don't get the teams right in the first round, you have no one to get right in the second, third and fourth rounds, right? :) plus more points are doled out the closer we get to the championship.

and vcu's win last night over duke! holy wow! that was so much fun. after my cooking class i joined bryan and some of his co-workers, who are vcu alums, at a sports bar in town and got to watch the last four--very intense--minutes. it was so fun!

alright, a few hours until my wahoos take on albany.... pleeeeease don't let me down, boys! at least, not until the next round, when i predicted you will! :-O

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wahoobubba said...

Can I borrow your crystal ball? Next time I'm gonna ask you for a little advice!(I picked UVA to beat Tennessee) GO WAHOOS!!!!!