where does the time go?

so i just logged in to post because i realized it has been a while, but i didn't realize it's been since july!

there hasn't been a whole lot going on in my world... i did turn 29, and it was a nice birthday. i went to kings dominion for the day with my birthday twin jodie, then bryan took me out for a nice dinner. so weird that next year this time i'll be in my thirties. yeah, i know, i know, 30 isn't old. but still... it's always a big deal to enter a new decade of life. here's hoping 29 is as good a year or better as 28 was!

bryan and i have stayed busy this last month of the summer... we've been in town, but somehow the days and weekends are flying by. we've been doing some eating out, went to the watermelon festival, went to the pool once with our friend leslie (once... that's the first time i've been in the sun in a bathing suit since our vacation the first week of june!), i met up with my college roomie in williamsburg this past weekend... good times.

one thing i have really missed this summer is having the motorcycle... it's been sitting in our garage looking forlorn since bryan crashed it. until it was out of commission, i never realized 1) how much i enjoy motorcycle rides in WARM weather, and 2) how much easier it is to talk bryan into going places when he can take the bike. :)

tonight, i go pick up my little sister. i'm meeting her and my mom in staunton and then victoria and i are coming back to richmond. tomorrow we fly out for a weekend getaway, her sweet 16 birthday present from her big sister. she has asked that our destination remain a secret 'til we get to the airport and she has no choice but to know, so i can't tell you where we are going. but i can tell you i'm excited to get to spend a couple days with my sister! next year zech turns 16, so he'll have the same option, although he'll have other options like victoria did (shopping, cash to put towards something else), so i'm not sure he'll be down with a few days of quality time with his sister. :) teenage boys might not think that's as cool as girls... we'll see!

anyway, at least after this weekend i'll have more excitement to report on. :)

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Cassandra said...

.....waiting for an update (and pics) from the fabulous Sweet 16 weekend :-) Tell Miss V Happy B Day from NC!