Happy Thoughts.

Okay, so it's gotten a little deep and a little depressing on this here blog lately. Time to change the pace. Baby pictures oughta do the trick, right?

Over Memorial Day weekend, Bryan and I were in Pennsylvania for a couple of days. While there, we got to spend some time with the newest addition to the family, Miss Allie. And boy, is she precious.

Here she is with her lovely mom:

And looking rather alert with her Aunt Lydia (she's just a couple months old, she likes to sleep):
And of course, I can't post pictures of Allie without also posting some of her spectacular big brother, Joey, AKA Bubble Blower Extraordinaire!:
Excellent. Now perhaps (fingers crossed) we can get back to our regularly scheduled positivity.

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Mymsie said...

Great balls of fire - that baby is ADORABLE!