Never thought I'd long for humidity.

Well, we're home.

We got back from our Vegas trip yesterday around 10am, and promptly went to bed. I slept until 4:30, then fell back asleep on the couch around 6:45, where I slept until about 10pm, then went up to bed and was back asleep by 11pm and didn't wake up again until this morning at 6:30. I believe they call that "worn out."

We had an excellent time in Vegas and at the Grand Canyon, and for those that didn't keep up with me via Twitter, I'll be blogging about the trip in due time. I have to sort through all the pictures, first, though, and tend to that little thing called "life" that for some reason had the nerve to NOT STOP while we were gone! The nerve.

Anyway, while I'd love to be on perpetual vacation, I have to say that I was so dry and had so many nose bleeds because of it that I was dying to get home to the humidity so that all my mucus membranes can go back to their natural states... that is, MOIST.

And since I know you're wondering, we did not lose ANY money gambling! In fact, I won about $20 in the 1.5 hours I played poker, and Bryan won $45 in the 30 minutes he played blackjack. Apart from that, we were too busy doing other stuff to gamble! Can you believe it?! I told Bryan this means we need to go back to Atlantic City soon, because I had some new poker tactics I was trying and they seemed to be working, but I need more playing time to know for sure... :)

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j bird said...

Glad you are back!