LDB Week 32: 8 weeks to grow!

Yes, people, this belly is getting a little unwieldy. I look at it daily and think, "HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU HAVE EIGHT MORE WEEKS OF GROWTH LEFT IN YOU!?" Oh dear. :)

Everything is going well. It's hard for me to believe sometimes, considering at the beginning of my pregnancy there was so much talk of me being high risk for so many different reasons. That is, of course, not to say that I'm guaranteed to have no problems from here on out, but apart from getting more uncomfortable every day, I'm feeling good!

LDB has not slowed his dance practicing in there. I read the other day that this is supposed to be the peak time for movement, and from here on out he'll be getting so squished that he won't move as much. I'll believe that when I feel it. In true baby-in-utero form, he moves the most when I'm laying down and trying to go to sleep. And to be honest, it kind of freaks me out sometimes. It feels like an alien in there, trying to get out. Strange feeling. Aren't women supposed to feel their babies' movements even more in pregnancies after the first? Man, that must be bizarre.

The reality that in less than two months we're going to be someone's Mom and Dad is sinking in. I have never been one to claim I have any clue what I'm in for. Basically, I plan for it to be harder than anything I can imagine. I have moments where I'm totally overwhelmed by that, but generally, I can not wait to meet my son. MY SON! Holy crap. How'd I ever get old enough to be about to become a mother?!

My nesting instincts have certainly kicked in, but unfortunately this has coincided with every power station wife's favorite time of year, outage season! Bryan has been lucky enough to get a day off each week this month (in years past, sometimes he was lucky to get one day off a MONTH), although last weekend he ended up with a nasty virus that had him laid up in the bed and rendered him pretty useless to do any heavy lifting. And then when he's working 14-15 hour days, I feel bad handing him a honey do list on the one day of rest he gets. So we have made progress in getting the nursery together, but not a lot. We really wanted to get rid of some of the chaos in the house before LDB brings his own brand of chaos, so that has delayed the process a little bit, but for good reason. I'm glad we're not just tossing crap on top of crap to make room for baby.

So anyway, we do have his crib and dresser, along with all of the gear we've received from the baby shower. I'm hoping by the end of the month the room will be painted and his furniture will be in there. Once that's done, I feel like I'll be able to relax a little about it. :)

Next weekend is shower extravaganza! Saturday is my family shower, Sunday is my friends shower. I'm excited for both, and hoping that we will actually be able to find each other in the house amidst all the baby stuff when they're through. :)

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