LDB Weeks 28-30: Party time!

Weeks 28-30 were marked by LDBs introduction to the party scene.

Originally, our first baby shower, given by Bryan's mom, was scheduled for the first weekend we were back from Mexico. As it turned out, there was another snow storm coming that weekend, and while it actually didn't affect us or Bryan's parents all that much, the area between the two of us (DC, Maryland, Southeastern PA) got hammered. Bryan was ready to just go, but ultimately his mother and I decided we might as well just reschedule for the following weekend. Thankfully, the guests were available and the switch went pretty smoothly (at least as far as I know... :) ).

We headed up to PA the following weekend, where my belly was the cause for celebration. LDB got all kinds of wonderful things, including what turned out to be about a 2.5 foot tall pile of clothes once I unpacked everything. I knew babies take over your house, and I feel like I'm starting to get a little inkling of just how completely true this is! :) It was a lovely shower, and I'm so grateful to my mother-in-law for her hard work and to my in-laws for being so great! (Check out a couple more photos from the shower here.)

The next weekend was the Arthritis Foundation's annual black-tie gala, the Crystal Ball. Ever since I left there for VCU, I have been on the Crystal Ball planning committee. It's a very fun event and being on the committee allows me to still be involved in event planning, which I admit I miss sometimes. Bryan donned his tuxedo, and I managed to fit LDB and myself into a dress I had worn a couple of years ago. Normally I'm a bit of a priss about not reprising a dress, but why in the heck would I spend money for a maternity formal dress if I can avoid it?

We had a great time at the Crystal Ball. It's always so much fun to see all of our Arthritis Foundation family, and they were all thrilled to see LDB. :) You can see more pictures from our fun evening here.


Nikole said...

So fun! You look amazingly gorgeous in that dress. Nice work! I'm getting so excited for you - you're getting so close! xoxo

HomeSlice said...

seriously, i think you are about the best looking pregnant woman i've ever seen. gorgeous.

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