These Guys.

These guys, they are pretty much my everything these days.

Bryan's on vacation this week and today he took Jon out on a little field trip. It was the first time I've been alone in our house since before Jon was born. It was weird as hell, but nice, too. I spent a few minutes cleaning, a few minutes on the computer, a few minutes reading a book and stuffing my face with junk food... and most of the time wondering how my boys were doing. :) Technology is awesome, though, because I got updates from Bryan occasionally, including this photo and the caption that Jon likes shopping at Target:

Me, I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

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Melissa E. said...

He looks so cute and happy in that cart! That face is priceless.

It's a good thing when a baby likes to shop. I'd be in trouble if my son didn't love the shopping cart.