let the butterflies begin

so people keep asking me if i'm nervous about the wedding. and i'm not. but today, the "holy crap i'm getting married next saturday" butterflies have starting flapping in my tummy occasionally. it's more of a revving of the engine than nerves though... like my body is at the start line of a big race and it's hitting its own gas pedal. man, that is a moronic similie but oh well. that's what it feels like!

we are officially in busy wedding mode, and it's fun and only mildly stressful. :) tuesday evening i went and paid our photographer (with starter checks from the bank) and visited with my grandma, who informed me that lois, my uncle bruce's girlfriend, took my flower girl basket and ring bearer pillow home to maryland with her to fix them up! i thought that was really sweet, and it is so nice to have even one thing out of my hands. grandma and i visited a while, then i went to look for a birthday present for bryan. his 30th birthday is next tuesday, you know... so anyway, then home again home again jiggity jig.

yesterday we had our final meeting with our caterer at main street station, the reception site. i am so glad we picked this caterer. i feel so comfortable leaving everything in their hands, i am not worried at all about where the flowers are going to go, how things will be set up, etc. etc. they are just good like that. then we did a little bit of running around and got home around 8 or so and opened the mail (got a couple packages for the wedding) and looked at each other and wondered if we needed to do anything else for the wedding. we decided we could take the rest of the evening off and just chill and watch tv/do non-wedding things on the computer. we had done enough for one day. :)

this morning i had a class and because i can't stop thinking about wedding stuff, i took my wedding notebook with me. i have a five-star brand one subject notebook and my co-worker in the class with me made fun of me because it is about 4/5 of the way full. hey, a wedding like this takes planning! :) well, i decided it was a good time to rewrite and update the to do list. my old to-do list from a couple weeks ago had been almost two full notebook pages, and there were only about 10 things left. well, i rewrote those things and added the other things we need to do and guess what. still almost two full pages. lovely.

it's all good... i've got 9 days to get it all done. :)

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