happy birthday, honey!

so today is my husband-to-be's 30th birthday! we celebrated on sunday with a surprise party that i somehow managed to pull off in the midst of wedding planning. it was stressful, because for the last week things kept coming up with that (where to have it, how to do it, etc.) and i wanted to discuss it with bryan. i found myself almost telling him about the latest happenings in the party planning at every turn, and having to stop myself. it was an interesting lesson in how much i value being able to tell him everything! keeping something from him was sooooo hard.

anyway, on sunday around 10:00am, bryan wanted to go pick up the truck from the tire place. we had taken it on friday for new tires and inspection, and it failed inspection. so he had to adjust the back brakes and replace the front ones. he assured me this would take an hour. i did some calculating and figured (since i knew it would take way more than an hour) that if we left by 10:30, he went to the auto parts store and was home by 11:00, and then worked on the car for even 2.5 hours, he would be just getting out of the shower when everyone arrived at 2:00pm. no such luck. i left the house at 1:30 with my dear fiance banging away at the lug nut that the tire people had cross threaded. so of course when we all pulled up to the house a little after 2:00, he was standing there covered in grease and sweat. ha! he was at first confused, and then very pleasantly surprised. we had a great time with our friends and i am so glad that i was able to still find a way to celebrate his milestone birthday!

we are, i believe, officially in the final countdown. four days til the wedding! as you can imagine, we have been crazy busy. it seems like all we do is shop lately. we shopped for vases on friday night, i shopped for makeup and a few gifts on saturday, we shopped for some other stuff last night... i picked up a nice shirt and slacks for bryan at costco last night and he said, "well, okay, you better take advantage of me spending money like this while you can." i said, "i know! after the wedding, we are going to be TIGHTWADS!" and i mean it. i think. :)

today is my last day at work until october 10... so basically for 2 weeks! i have gotten everything done that is must-do before i leave for that long. i must say, i am so grateful right now to have an awesome boss (today she said at lunch, "you better work all afternoon, to keep your mind off of the wedding" and winked at me as she said it.) and a job that i can either take care of everything ahead of time or things will wait until i get back. as much as i miss the arthritis foundation, i would be completely stressed out right now at the prospect of not being at work for two weeks. instead, i am completely EXCITED about the wedding and not at all worried about work! yay.

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