next week, i'll be a married woman!

this morning, my friend jodie sent me an email asking, "so, how many days off are you taking next week?" my heart skipped a beat. i have been thinking of this wedding approaching in terms of # of days (12), but to think of it as NEXT WEEK! wow. insane.

we had a very busy and awesome weekend. on friday evening, we went over to my grandma's house for dinner with my dad, uncle bruce and lois and aunt elaine and uncle jack. it was a lot of fun to get together and see everyone and eat some good food.

saturday was wedding shopping day! we bought gifts for the groomsmen and bridesmaids and toasting flutes for us (that match the glasses we registered for). then to buffalo wild wings to watch some football and eat, then home to play with our purchases and watch more football. i love football, is that weird? and more each year. it's weird. saturday i watched the clemson v. florida state game and was totally into it, but i really dont' care about either of those teams. crazy.

yesterday, we watched the last few minutes of "father of the bride" before the day's football shows started and i cried the whole 20 minutes we watched. i am going to be a mess on my wedding day. sara (maid of honor) is prepared with the tissues but i hope i can at least keep it together to some degree because i'm not a very pretty crier. seriously.

i typed up our wedding day schedule and my dad came over so that we could all go over it. somehow we managed to do this during the eagles football game. my dad made a point to reitirate to bryan that he had chosen the giants to win and that he thinks the giants will win the NFC east. bryan and i (both eagles fans) poo-pooed this idea and forgave him. then, as my dad left, a little into the fourth quarter, he said, "well, the giants are going to come back and score twice and win." now, seriously dad, that wasn't nice, casting your voodoo spells on the eagles and making them lose the game... guess my dad had to show his future son-in-law who's in control around here... :)

mourning the eagles' loss, bryan and i made our way to brown's island to meet with our photographer. i am very excited about the locations we've chosen to take pictures that day. now if the weather will cooperate... we were supposed to pay the photographer the balance we owe him, so bryan pulled out the checkbook, which i had remembered to bring. i did not, however, think to make sure there were checks in the checkbook. so we felt like idiots. but that's okay, our photographer is super nice and understanding. :)

we left there and met some friends at buffalo wild wings for even more football (poor redskins), then home for some much needed rest for the beginning of our next to last workweek as unmarried people. ha!

today i made my appointments for a spa morning on saturday, courtesy of my maid of honor and future sister-in-law, and i am SO looking forward to it! the only thing is, the only time they had available for me to start the services i am getting was 8am. so getting up early enough to be there by 7:45 will kind of suck, but hell, it's worth it!

alright, gotta go do some wedding stuff... i mean, work. ;-)

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