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well, lots has been happening and you people have gotten no updates to this blog. at least i gave you wedding pictures, right? :) i can't wait to show everyone all of them and see everyone else's! bryan has found some software that makes creating a cool slideshow out of the pictures easy. well, kinda. :) he's been working on the slideshow very diligently so that we can take it on tour of our families and such... so one day when he finishes you'll all get to see the pictures.

we have been keeping pretty busy. a couple weekends ago we went to a halloween party at our friends' traci and steven's house. we had a great time, but in true bryan and lydia fashion, we didn't think much about costumes until the day of the party. i looked around the bedroom to see what i could find that might serve as the base of a costume, and came across bryan's dirt bike gear. a couple years ago when he bought his dirtbike, he bought all the clothes/shoes/etc. that he needed to ride it safely. so we decided that bryan would be a motocross racer and i would be his teenage motocross racer groupie girlfriend. i had a couple things i thought i needed for the outfit, but needed to buy a wig and some "accessories." see pictures below:

no, i did not get a boob job with our wedding gift money. they were socks. but it was fun to have them for one night. :) as someone who was not blessed with these particular assets, it was very interesting to see the way the males of our species react to them.... a fascinating social experiement. :)

as if the fake boobs and all weren't enough goofiness for halloween, bryan and i decided to dress up again on halloween night. this time, we were playing a prank on our friends tammy and justin who live a couple of miles down the road from us. they deck their house all out for halloween and bryan thought it would be fun to go harass him. well, it was fun. but i felt like i was going to get found out and arrested for impersonating someone who is still of age to be trick or treating:

yes, i am wearing a fitted sheet. and yes, we trick or treated one house which was not our friends' house. i was terrified we were going to get caught. it was hillarious.

so now you have the halloween updates. hopefully the next time i update won't be so long away!

oh, and even though i have trouble keeping up with the blogs i've got, i started a new one. this one is because i read the news every day and want to put in my two cents, but don't want to bore everyone with my opinions if they aren't interested. so if you are interested, check it out:


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