it's november already?

i can't believe it's already november! my how time flies. i have a specific memory of neener (my stepmom) one time when i mentioned time flying when i was younger, in high school i think. she looked at me with this knowing face and said, "just wait 'til you're older, you have no idea." i don't know why i remember her saying that specifically, as i know a million people probably said that to me at some point. maybe it was the look on her face... who knows. but every year of my life seems to pass faster and faster and whenever i think about that, i always think, "neener was right!" :)

i can't wait to share all of the wedding photos with you all, but there are SEVEN HUNDRED AND THIRTY FIVE of them, so that's not going to be easy unless we're in the same house. so instead, i'll throw a few of them up here today for you! they are AMAZING. we love our photographer.

me reading the beautiful card bryan wrote me with the earrings he had delivered before the wedding. first time i cried that day. :)

bryan and his guys went to brown's island to have some pictures taken before the wedding. i love this one of my fabulous husband.

bryan and his very handsome groomsmen.

me and my very beautiful bridal party!

getting ready to go down the aisle. i love this shot of shane and grandma! i think it shows their relationship PERFECTLY! love it.

the kiss!

mr. and mrs. bryan klinger!

we're married! after the ceremony we went down by the dominion building to get some portrait shots of us.

and then back to brown's island for some family shots...

me getting bustled before we left brown's island to go to the reception. this was quite an undertaking for my girls! :)

our GRAND entrance! god, i was terrified he was going to drop me!

our first dance.

the father daughter dance. i love this picture of my dad. love it.

my little sister got real friendly with my friend jason, one of the volunteers at the arthritis foundation. i think she likes him, what do you think? :)

partying it up!

one of several groomsmen + whoever shots of the night. love justin's face (the groomsman with his jacket off)!

me with frane and britton, two of my best friends from college! wahoowa!

to smush or not to smush? (nice smushing ensued.)

love this picture of us right after the garter toss, where bryan first pulled panties out of HIS SLEEVE, not from under my dress, people! he is such a nut. we've seen this done before but i wasn't expecting it. i shoulda known better. :)

things started to get a little crazy...

queen of the dance floor. :)

bye bye everybody!!!

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Cassandra said...

AWESOME pictures!!! I can't wait to plan a day when I can visit and look at all of them!