a dichotomous weather weekend

so this weekend was interesting. saturday was downright summery, and yesterday was rainy and cold and rather wintery. it was pretty crazy. but an enjoyable weekend if you know how to properly take advantage of those kinds of days...

see, saturday we woke up to sunshine and warmth. and what does one do when it's sunny and warm outside and the leaves are still pretty? you take a motorcycle ride! it was the perfect day for it. i am, however, jaded from past late fall attempts at warm motorcycle rides, so i bundled up as though it were 60 degrees outside instead of 80. this was fine while we were in motion, but sucked when we stopped. but last year (or was it the year before?) we found ourselves stuck on interstate 81 in the dark and cold for several hours and i about froze my tush off. i was not having a repeat of that situation. our ride was actually pretty short, we stayed in the general richmond metro area, but we ended it with a stop at mary angela's pizza in carytown.

now, for those of you who don't know, we lost our favorite pizza joint near our house a few months ago and have not found a way to replace the holes left in our hearts from this. no pizza in suburban chesterfield really compares (RIP carmela, we miss you). mary angela's is the best pizza in richmond that i am aware of. so eating it was... lovely. really, lovely. (when's the last time you heard someone describe eating pizza as lovely? never? well that's how freaking fabulous this pizza is.) at the same time, it was sad... because we just don't get pizza that good very often and are too lazy to drive to downtown richmond to get it often. after having it, though, maybe we need to change that. if i drove to work i might stop there on my way home occasionally and pick up a pie, but that's not really possible since i take the bus... *sigh* why did carmela have to close...

yesterday, as i mentioned, proved the perfect dichotomy to saturday's indian summer weather. we woke up to rain beating down on our house and wind whipping us around a la wizard of oz. well, okay, it wasn't as bad as the wizard of oz. but i love that movie and i like exaggerating every once in a while. :) we woke up and... did nothing. ha! well, that's not true. bryan, my dear dear husband, plopped himself in front of the computer and worked on our wedding photo slide show for, let me add it up... 15 hours. give or take 30 minutes here and there. this man is dedicated to making this the absolute best wedding slide show ever, and i think he's definitely succeding. perhaps he is a bit of a perfectionist, but i guarantee you're gonna love it (and not just because you will finally be able to see lots of our wedding photos!).

i managed to get out of the house and went and changed cell phone providers to verizon so that i can talk for free with most people i know. also i got a camera phone and free pics and text messaging so that i can go shopping, snap a photo of what i want to buy that might need bryan's approval, and shoot it over to him via cell phone. this might sound a bit obnoxious to you, but 1) i can never get the man to go shopping and 2) when he does go he doesn't let me buy anything. so the pix messaging will, i hope, allow me to buy stuff that requires both of our approval in a more timely manner. :)

after a little shopping at target i headed home where i set to trying to knock out the rest of my wedding thank you notes. i have been slacking on this but WILL finish them tonight. i swear. so if you haven't gotten yours yet, you will soon. also, i made chicken and dumplings in my new calphalon cookware. oh, i also seared some olive oil onto the bottom of my big ol' skillet and now it's brown. that sucks and i gotta figure out how to get it off. hey, i never said i was an expert at this cooking stuff, particularly not in these fancy shmancy pots and pans. although i do love them already...

tonight: watch last week's episode of lost, do laundry, finish thank you notes.

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