But we wouldn't get snow days...

This morning I saw a headline that said "Winter blast hits Northeast." Bryan is always talking about moving back to Pennsylvania, and I am always protesting that it is too cold there. He knows, however, that I do like the snow. So whenever there's snow in PA but not here, he says, "See, if we lived in Pennsylvania, we'd have snow." I have to admit that I do find that prospect appealing... but not appealing enough that I'm ready to pack my bags (sorry, Klingers).

When I read that headline this morning I had a brief daydream... it went something like this:

Man, wouldn't it be nice to actually get SNOW! I love snow. It's so pretty. And sometimes you even get a day off of work because of it. If we lived in Pennsylvania we'd have snow... but wait, if we lived in Pennsylvania, we'd get snow, but no snow days! Because to them snow is NORMAL for winter! What good is snow if you can't get a snow day!?

So, to my pals in the Northeast, enjoy that fluffy white stuff, and looking at it through your windows at WORK! ;-)

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