Christmas Cornucopia

While I wait for the latest version of itunes to download, a recap of my Christmas-so-far.

-Friday I went to Chesterfield Town Center to finish up my shopping. On the way, I was almost crashed into by a moron driver getting on 288 in front of me. After laying on my horn and brakes until she was stopped on the side of the road, I drove past to see she was about 16 and had her hands up in the air and appeared to be crying. I felt kind of bad for cursing her as I had been doing in the privacy of my Eclipse, but then I got over it and cursed her parents even more. Who the hell teaches a kid to drive the weekend before Christmas?! Don't they know how insane people get?!

-Speaking of which, I had it in my head I wanted to get my little sister a skirt. I believe I looked in 8 different stores for one (not too dressy, but not a micro mini) and didn't find a SINGLE ONE. I mean not a SINGLE FREAKING SKIRT. Apparently casual skirts went out of style and no one told me.

-Saturday, Bryan and I went to Verona, VA to see my mom and her beau, my brother and my sister. My mom cooked a fabulous meal and we ate like pigs and opened some awesome presents. Then we played with my little brother's iPod touch (Yes, I am the best Big Sister ever. Until Victoria grows up and actually makes money. Then we will compete for the title. ;-) ). Did you know you can get the internet on those things if you're in a wifi hotspot? It was super cool. Anyway, we hung out for a while, never enough time with the mom & bro & sis. Then home again, home again to grocery shop and clean for today.

-My dad, stepmom and grandma came over for the Grammer side Christmas today. Instead of trying to think of something to get each of them, I went with the experience as a gift thing. I made lunch and then we all went to the Nutcracker. Yay for making memories!

-A lady at work told me, after I bought the tickets to the Nutcracker, that it was boring. Au contraire, I say! It was fantastic! I loved it. Bryan even managed to stay awake the whole time, so that should tell you something right there!

-In addition to lots of other great gifts, I got an iPod! Woohoo! So excited. I never thought I needed one, but a few months ago when I was looking through my hundreds of CDs, I realized it would probably be pretty cool to have so that I could sort through all that music and have all the best songs in one place. So that's my mission. And now Zech and I can share music! I think. As soon as we both figure out this whole iPod business. We're new to the world of Apple.

-Jodie and her kids, Jordan and Dylan, came over after my family left and we did our Christmas, then rode around and looked at 8 of the Chesterfield houses on the Richmond Times-Dispatch Tacky Lights Tour. Would you believe two of those houses did not have their lights on!? The nerve!!! It was cool, though, and super tacky. Yay Christmas.

-Finally, headed out to Old Navy after Jodie left to buy a couple last minute items. Got in and out in about 5 minutes and my stupid car wouldn't start. Bryan was far away Christmas shopping, so I called our good friends the Bennetts and they came and rescued me. Luckily Justin is just as good with the cars as Bryan, so he brought this battery charger thing and started me right up. He suggested I try to start it when I got home (after turning it off, of course) to see if that's all it needed. Well, it didn't start again. So I'm thinking we will not be taking Sabine (my car) to Pennsylvania.

-And speaking of which, tomorrow it's off to the Great White North! Or Pennsylvania, whatever you want to call it. ;-)

-My itunes is done downloading. Tata for now!

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Cassandra said...

I love my iPod. Spencer loves my iPod so much that he got his own for Christmas this year! That way I don't have to put Alvin and the Chipmunks on *my* playlist....