Falala, and all that jazz.

So yeah, 'tis officially the season. Miraculously I have finished about 60% of my Christmas shopping, my house is decorated, I've already attended one Christmas party and seen some boats decked out in Christmas lights on the James River (I guess that's actually technically a second Christmas party)... and of course, in TRUE Virginia Christmas season fashion, it's been in the freaking 70's for the past three days!

What is up with that. I mean, I've lived here my whole life, I know that's how it is. But I find it a bit annoying. I'd rather it be consistently cold than have these wacky, abrupt weather changes. It screws up my body, my arthritis does not enjoy it. I even had to go home early on Monday... not fun! (I mean, I'm not complaining about the nap, but I'd rather it not have been to sleep away pain!) Today the temperature seems to be going back down, and while I had brief tinges of protest from my back last night, I think ol' arthur is having an easier time with this transition.

So on Sunday we FINALLY got the big tree fully lit and decorated. My dear impatient husband somehow summoned every ounce of patience he possesses and worked on that damned tree for a good 8 hours or so over 3 or 4 days before he got the whole thing to work. I believe in the end approximately 99 lights were replaced. That is not a joke. Bryan bought a new strand of 100 lights and in the end only one was left of that set. The rest are now in our 9' pre-lit tree which I vow to meticulously examine for burnt out bulbs and REPLACE THEM as soon as I see 'em. Because that's the only thing I can figure was the problem--TOOOOO many lights out. (My fault--when it said "Still lights when some go out!" I just never bothered to replace the ones that were out!)

I'll try to remember to post some pictures from the party we went to last weekend (chez our friends and former neighbors Todd and Sarah)... it was a fun time! This coming weekend we have Bryan's work Christmas party and plan to go to Williamsburg for a visit with Frane and Tim. Yay for holiday get togethers!

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