Meet Miss Ally Lynn!

On March 1, there was a new addition to the Klinger side of our family! Miss Allison Lynn was born to Kelley and Jason and big brother Joey. In spite of outage season, which keeps Bryan working almost every weekend at this time of year, we managed to sneak up to Pennsylvania last weekend to meet our new niece. And lemme tell ya, she is PRECIOUS!
I pretty much held her the whole time we were at Kelley's house. She has a head full of the most beautiful black hair, and I couldn't stop petting her. Ha! :)

Bryan wanted to cuddle a little, too, so he held the cat since I wouldn't give up the baby.

Okay, that's not true... I did give up the baby eventually. But only long enough for Bryan to get a picture with her and her proud big brother, Joey.

Ally thought she would show off while we were there and pooped three times in a row... we'd change her, then five minutes later another poop, then another new diaper, then another poop, another new diaper, another poop, and finally, no more pooping for a while. I guess that's what babies do. :) (And I am one of those people who actually finds babies pooping cute. Ask me again if I feel that way once I have my own, I am guessing I will not.)

She didn't seem to have much interest in staying awake or opening her eyes (again, with the typical one-week-old behavior!), but we did get a picture or two of her checking out the world...

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Cassandra said...

She is adorable!