You've gotta be kidding me.

I got a bill from Commonwealth Radiology from when I was in the hospital with that crazy epiglottitus stuff. They did a neck x-ray. My insurance covered most of it, of course, but not all... I have a copay or whatever.

The amount I owe them?


So they spent $.41 to send me the bill, not to mention, say, $.25 for the envelope and paper the bill is printed on and ink. Then they want me to send a check, and I have no idea how much checks cost each, but let's be conservative and say they cost $.20/each. And then I put on postage, that's another $.41.

That's $1.27 for them to get $1.12 from me.

Does anyone else think that is ridiculous?

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Cassandra said...

I dare you to call them and ask to set up a payment plan... snicker