Hey! Results!

Apparently, six months of belly dancing has paid off, at least a little bit!

Just now, I was changing my shower curtain. This is a task I hate, because my arms always get super tired and I have to rest them a few times in the process (I know, how weak can a girl be?!). Well, this time I put my arms down at the last hole because it pissed me off--the little plastic circle wouldn't come out so I could poke the shower curtain ring through it. And I realized, that was the first time I put my arms down for the whole shower curtain! This might not seem like a big deal, but for someone who generally detests exercise and never does it, it is pretty cool to see that holding my arms like this:

once a week for a whole hour has produced results! I should change shower curtains more often! (Just kidding. I still hate it.)

Incidentally, my instructor told me a couple of weeks ago that I will be promoted to the "Intermediate" class next session. I'm sad because she hasn't yet told my friend Krystyna the same thing, but the overachiever in me is ready to move to the next level, and my excitement about the class has been renewed. I'm a little nervous, though, because this will mean (most likely) I have to move my arms and my hips and feet at the same time in different motions. Oh, lord. I can get it after lots of practice, but it ain't pretty in the beginning!

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Cassandra said...

Dang girl-- your resume is off the hook with diversity of skill sets :-)