I've caught the Yankee.

Well, after basically living with one of two Northerners for the past 12 years (Frane, my college roommate, was from PA, as is the hubs), the Yankee has rubbed off. Grandma, please do not pass out.

This morning in the elevator, a woman asked me if I knew where the Physiology Department was. I replied, "No, I don't, I'm sorry." That's it. Just five little words.

"Are you from Pennsylvania?" she said.

"No, why?"

"Well, you sound just like someone I know from Pennsylvania..."

And then she got off the elevator.

In defense of my good Southern roots, I would like to say that my in-laws still tease me for the way I said "high school." Or "ha skewl" if you ask them.



Mymsie said...

The minute I talk to a family member or cross the Mason-Dixon line, my accent comes back. It's sort of exhausting hiding it all the time.

Lucky Mom said...

I had been living in VA for 6 months when one of my friends from high school and I were trying to arrange a time to get together and she heard me say one word on the phone and said...oh my god, you have a southern accent...NOT

Cassandra said...

A little girl in Spencer's class was "Tankerbayell" for halloween!
I'm REALLY hoping Spencer doesn't pick up any of the Carolina twang!