Our Anniversary Weekend

To celebrate our anniversary, we spent last weekend in Virginia Beach. My cousin Shane had his wedding celebration near there on Saturday, so we did get in some family and friends time, too, but overall it was a nice little getaway for us where we did a lot of relaxing, some visiting, some eating, and a little sightseeing.

I was reminded why I love Virginia when we were able to spend much of the day on Saturday--in October--just lounging on the beach. The weather was beautiful and just the right temperature, with a little breeze.

Saturday afternoon we went to celebrate Shane and his new wife Cortie. They were married on the beach in August, and were just able to get back home to have their reception with everyone now. Cortie is in school in Atlanta, so her schedule is hectic! It was great to see them, and lots of peeps from the fam.

After the reception, we spent a few hours hanging out with my college roomie Frane and her husband Tim. I forgot to take pictures, though. :( I don't get to see Frane nearly enough, and it was fun to spend some time with her! (And for the record, her name is actually Jen. I have called her Frane since 1996, though. Long story.)

Sunday we got up early and watched the sunrise from our balcony, then had a quick breakfast and headed out to see the Fort Story lighthouse before we made our way home. Call me crazy, but before going to this lighthouse, I did not make the connection that we were going to an active military base (FORT Story). I was therefore incredibly taken aback when they made us get out of the car and open all of its orifices to be searched! I don't know, I guess I've watched one too many movies, but I was terrified the drug dog was going to find something we didn't know was there... like, say someone at the hotel had stashed their coke supply in our wheel wells. Yes, I know this is ludicrous, but, I mean, didn't you see Brokedown Palace? That stuff happens.

Anyway, after a long climb to the top of the original lighthouse and a couple of pictures ("You may take pictures of the lighthouses ONLY. Do NOT take pictures of anything else. The lighthouses ONLY."), we made our way west only to watch our dear Philadelphia Eagles lose AGAIN. Jesus. Oh well, at least UVA won last weekend. I will cherish that 31-0 score for another year, I'm guessing.

If you'd like to check out all of my photos from the weekend, you can see them here.


nikole said...

Looks like a fantastic weekend! Congrats!

Mymsie said...

Looks like fun! Oh I love Virginia - the mountains, the beach - it's all so wonderful! My Dad has definitely instilled in me pride of being a Virginian. :) I always loved going to my Granddaddy's dairy farm in the Shenandoah Valley. Some of my best childhood memories were there. Lately I've found myself thinking seriously about moving to Va. We could be neighbors! :)

Mymsie said...

P.S. Brokedown Palace scared the hell out of me too. Some friends of mine went to Mexico recently and one of them WENT OFF BY HERSELF WITH THIS RANDOM OLD GUY. She said she felt safe but I was like, "Didn't you see Brokedown Palace?!?" Hee!