Well peeps, I'm off to the Bahamas tomorrow morning for a couple of days. My little brother turned 16 last month and this is his birthday gift--he gets to go somewhere with his big sister for a weekend! :) Lucky for him, he has a passport, so his trip is a bit more exotic than Victoria's Sweet Sixteen trip to San Diego last summer.

Had a small snafu last night when I realized my plane ticket was booked in my married name and my passport is still in my maiden name! Yeah, had to pop a couple Tylenol PMs to fall asleep after that little discovery! By some miracle, though, I got the most helpful and pleasant customer service rep on the line at Delta and she changed the name on my ticket with no hassle and--even better--NO CHARGE! I was so amazed that I got her name and sent in a compliment email through Delta's website.

Anyway, I'll be back late Monday night, and will share pictures hopefully next week before Turkey Day!!

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Mymsie said...

The Bahamas?? I'm so jealous! Have fun!!!