Bahama Mama... or rather, Bahama Sister. And brother.

My trip to the Bahamas over the weekend with my little brother is done, and I probably don't have to tell you that it sucked to come home from 75 degree weather to 40-something and rain! Luckily I had my husband waiting for me, who I missed a LOT, so that was some small comfort. :)

We started our trip early Saturday morning, and miraculously all of our flights were on time (through Atlanta, on DELTA!) and we even managed to haul ass quickly enough through the airport to make our connecting flight. We had about 12 minutes for a 20 minute walk. Yeah, exercise is always good...

Our flight landed in Nassau a little after noon, but we were quickly greeted with Island Time. That is, where nothing is hurried and we think they may have been taking one bag off the plane, bringing it over to the terminal, going back for another, repeating the process, one by one. Because it took, like, an hour or more for us to get our bags. Zech was getting surlier by the moment. Finally, though, they came, and we headed out to our shuttle to the hotel. Where we waited another 45 minutes before heading out.

When we finally got to the hotel, we were starved and I finally started to see some excitement on that teenager's face. (I felt like I was on that commercial most of the weekend... where the mom keeps snapping photos of her daughter looking all pouty and then FINALLY! She catches her smiling. Yeah, can't wait to have kids that are teenagers. :) ) The hotel we stayed at was nice--a three-star all-inclusive. We had a room with a view and a nice balcony, mini-bar in the room, fridge full of sodas... it was great!

Of course our first order of business was food, but then, you know Zech was ready for the ocean! The Caribbean was rowdier than I have ever seen it--usually it's nice and calm, hardly waves to speak of. Not this weekend. The waves were so big and fierce that on Sunday the lifeguard made Zech get out of the water! Thankfully Saturday was ocean-worthy, and we spent a little time down on the beach. Unfortunately, it was windier than hell, which made it a little chilly, so we tried the pool, which was a little warmer, but not much.

We spent the evening at Atlantis, the super-fancy resort that's right next door to where we stayed. Atlantis has a casino and lots of aquarium-type areas, so we amused ourselves there for a while. Zech got a kick out of the casino, and I played about $5 in the slot machines, then we watched craps for a while. I was proud at resisting the urge to gamble more. :)

Sunday we caught a cab over to Nassau and walked around and shopped some. We got offered reefer about 50 times, and Zech bought a purse for his girlfriend. We then decided to head back to our hotel, and for some reason thought it was a good idea to walk. It was a couple miles, but, hey, it was a nice day, so that was alright. Of course, once we got back to the beach and realized Zech couldn't go in the ocean, he decided he wanted to go back to Nassau to buy this "Rolex" he had been bartering for at the Straw Market. So this time, we hopped the ferry back, and of course had to wait another hour for that to leave!

After getting home with the prized watch, we got ready for dinner at the "gourmet restaurant," and then headed down to eat. I set up the camera to take our picture in the room, because I could not get the boy to act like he liked me for a picture anywhere else. As I suspected, everyone there assumed we were a couple, and Zech was a bit more freaked out about that than I was. :)

Our last night, we headed back over to Atlantis for a little bit of last minute shopping and another look at their grounds, then it was back to our hotel for our last night in the Caribbean.

We had a fun time, and I think it was good for us to get to spend a little time together. Although I still have no idea what to talk to a 16 year old boy about, we made do just fine. :)

You can check out my whole photo album here.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad the two of you had a great time. If Zeck enjoyed it a fraction as much as I do then he will have lasting memories. Nassau is my favorite place to be, not sure why but I loved the 3 times I've been there. I think it is it's outer beauty. I was there on the 13&14 of this month, next time we need to check with each other before going. Zeck and Vic are so blessed to have you and I'm sure they know this. Let's not forget Brian, he too is very loving to these kids and very supportive of the things you do with and for them. Count your blessing baby girl, you are well loved too.
Loads of love, Aunt Brenda

Cassandra said...

I will remind my Mom it is "Bryan" haha

Loved your pics and since we were recently haggling at the Straw Market and making jokes at Atlantis, it is very familiar and a fun read! But I didn't see any Rolex Watches. I did see a Kate Spade bag and Chanel luggage that caught my eye... Glad you had fun!

Zech looks a lot like his mom!!

Anonymous said...

Hey , when r u going to post the pics of Rich's wed? At least send me some to my e-mail or on facebook! :)