Didja vote yet?

Have you cast your vote yet? If not, don't worry, you can get in line up until the polls close in your state. Get out there!

I got to my polling place about 15 minutes after it opened and waited an hour and ten minutes. I was #490 to cast my vote, which means there were a good 400 people in front of me in line when I got there. Bryan came straight from his overnight shift at the power station and was about 130 people behind me. By the time he left at 7:45, the line had shortened to all be inside (I stood outside for a good 50 minutes.). Oh well... at least I made it to work at a decent hour!

I hope you'll all go vote today, regardless of who you vote for. Voting is a right that those who came before us fought hard to attain, and we owe it to them to stand up for what we believe.

John at Buttermilk & Molasses posted a portion of this article from the Washington Post that is a great piece about the importance of standing in those long lines today. Please take a minute to click the link (either one, although Buttermilk & Molasses sums it up nicely if you don't have a lot of time) and read it.

And I'll be keeping my eye out for your sticker. :)

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Kim said...

WOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO I don't know your email address, so I had to just post here! I am so excited!!!! He won! He did it!!!!!