Hooray for new seasons of television!

Have I mentioned before that I may have a slight television addiction? No? Well, I do. And thank god for DVR, because at least I am able to still have a life outside of television. I just record all the shows I want to watch and still go out and do things with my friends. As a matter of fact, I am going to the movies tonight in spite of the fact that they are rebroadcasting an enhanced version last season's Lost finale. No worries--I will watch it tomorrow or Friday!

The thing is, though, that at the beginning of each new season of TV I often find myself a bit overzealous with my list of shows I'll be watching. Here's what we've got so far, just a week in to this season:

-Desperate Housewives

-Samantha Who?
-How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory on occasion (although these don't get DVRd)

(Tuesday, I realized last night, is going to be a problem. Bryan wants to watch Homeland Security USA, but then there's also...)
-American Idol
-Fringe (unless this is moving to a different night now?)
-What Would You Do? (Primetime special series on ABC)
-The Biggest Loser (although since I can't DVR more than 2 things at once, this became the first casualty of the season... I watched the first episode, and I guess I'll be fine just to watch the finale now. Those are the most important ones anyway, right?)

-American Idol (for a while)
-Top Chef

-Grey's Anatomy
-Private Practice
-30 Rock

And then I don't have any shows I DVR on Friday or Saturday. Although Bryan and I do enjoy watching 20/20 or Primetime Live or something like that on Friday nights. Because we are total dorks.

Looking at that list, part of me says "That's not too bad." Another part of me says, "Uh, Lydia, get a life." Whatever. We'll see how it goes. :) The only problem I may encounter now on my path to utter couchpotatodom is that Bryan is still occupying about half the available DVR space with the World Series of Poker (which ended in NOVEMBER and he still hasn't watched!). He better start watching.

A few thoughts on some of my favorite shows:

24: Jack Bauer almost makes me think that torture IS a necessary evil. Which makes me feel all squirmy inside. Bryan has started watching this show with me this season, and it's made me realize how complicated these scenarios are. "Wait, who are they kidnapping again? Which one is the bad guy? So wait, is that guy REALLY a bad guy or is he just pretending to be a bad guy? And how does he know that guy again?"

American Idol: This season is off to a good start, I think, although I'm rather apathetic about it. I think the show has definitely lost some of its luster, but I'm still watching. Loved the first good singer last night, the rocker chick, but JESUS those ear plug things. I HATE that. So much. Also, Ryan Seacrest trying to high five the blind guy will go down as one of my favorite moments in American Idol history. Next to Kelly Clarkson singing her victory song and Fantasia Barrino singing "Summertime."

Scrubs, 30 Rock, Samantha Who?, Big Bang Theory: For years much of my tv watching has been either dramas or reality tv. I have really been missing out on the whole sitcom thing, or either they have finally started making some really funny shows. I laugh my ass off every time I watch each of these shows. Actually still laughing about that orderly on Scrubs who is too touchy feely and Tracy Jordan's gold shoes on 30 Rock. :)

Nip/Tuck, Damages: All I can say is, HOORAY FOR FX. Damn, these shows are good. Nip/Tuck is definitely not for the faint hearted, but I love it. And Damages: I love Glenn Close.

And last but not least:

LOST: I. Can. Not. Wait.

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Mymsie said...

I cannot wait for Lost! A friend and I are watching the last few episodes of last season this weekend as a refresher. Sayid = YUM!