This is how I see it.

Call me a cynic, but I have got to comment on a couple of stories that popped up in my CNN Quick News this morning...

Disgraced pastor Haggard admits relationship with second man
: Bryan and I saw this guy on the news the other night. He makes me want to grab him by the shoulders and shake him. He said, "Today, I'm 100 percent satisfied with my relationship with my wife, and I have no compelling things in my life toward others." Now, ladies, can I just give you a little piece of advice? If your husband has multiple relationships with people of his own gender, RUN! Far, far away! HE IS GAY! And his ass will go get it on with a man again! People who fight that hard against their natural urges worry me... you're bound to explode at some point. I don't think Ted Haggard is going to be an exception to this rule, no matter how strong his relationship with God might be. Although who am I to judge...

Mother of octuplets has six other children
: You've heard about these octuplets that were born in Los Angeles, right? My first reaction was "holy crap, talk about overwhelming!" And then my friend Traci told me yesterday that it had come out that the woman has SIX other children. At first I didn't believe her, thought perhaps it was a rumor, but then it was confirmed on CNN today. Um, what in the hell are you doing having fertility treatments if you already have SIX other children? I mean, you know, if you want to allow God to bless you with as many kids as he'll give you, that's fine with me. I know some people think that's crazy, but I say if you can afford them and you're a good parent, whatever. But if God has already given you 6 kids, why in the HELL do you need to have in vitro fertilization for more babies?! And then... and THEN!! The kids that she already has? The oldest is 7, the youngest is 2! Can you FREAKING IMAGINE?! FOURTEEN CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 7?! Oh holy hell! And THEN! The dad is a contract worker, and he is scheduled to GO BACK TO IRAQ SOON! OMG, people. I just do not get it. I mean, I guess once it was done it was done and there was no going back, but... wow. I am glad not to be in their shoes.

The world is a strange, strange place.

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JYNX'd said...

im sure you learned about this by now but...

1. the other six--all in vitro also.
2. md put in 6 embryos, 2 split to twins. THATS a major ethical issue, aside from the ethical issue of even providing fertility assistance when a person has already given birth to 6 kids.

it goes without saying...she has major MAJOR issues. i was, however, surprised to hear she is working on her masters..i was NOT, however, surprised to hear she works with the mentally impaired (aka nutjobs).