The Breakfast Song

Oh dear.

1. I bet this dude came up with this song for Lent. He was thinking, "What do I really LOVE that I could sacrifice for Jesus during Lent? I know, breakfast!" And then he got to thinking about how horrible it would be to not have breakfast, until the Lord popped in on his thoughts and said, "Yo, Uncle Elroy, you know I'm going to come take you home one day and you will not give a CRAP about breakfast!" And Uncle Elroy realized that if he could just put into a song all of the breakfast foods people love and remind us that that shit ain't gonna matter one day, he would have a serious chance at cracking Billboards' Top 100.

2. Aunt Yvonne does not look especially thrilled to be joining in this nonsense with Uncle Elroy. You know he probably told her, "Look, woman, unless you sing this song with me on the Mornin' show, YOU won't have no mo' grits or corn flakes or beef steaks or ANY of that breakfast food!" And you can also tell that they have been through this song about a million times to get it right, because near the end I caught her silently singing along with Uncle Elroy's part. She was probably pissed SHE didn't get to sing about the food, just about the going home part.

3. You know what this song reminded me of? Back in the early 80's McDonald's put out 45s with their menu song... you remember... they came up with a ditty that encompassed their whole menu, and if you could go in and sing it, you got a free Big Mac. Do you think if I went to Aunt Sarah's and sang (typo, but really you don't "sing" a song like this, you sang it) The Breakfast Song that I would get a free meal?

4. This song is going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day. I know it. Thanks a lot, dlisted via Crunk & Disorderly.

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