Yet again, the Madness is upon us!

I don't really care about basketball most of the time. Maybe it's because, as a girl who's almost 6' tall, I heard "You're so tall! Do you play basketball?" way too many times in my formative years and I'm bitter because I never had the skillz. Whatever it is, I never watch NBA basketball and hardly ever watch college basketball.

Until March Madness sets in.

And people, it has begun.

A couple years ago I started getting in on an NCAA pool and have been hooked ever since. It turns out I'm a pretty good guesser--I came in second the first year and was in contention to win for quite a while last year. I don't know jack about the teams, I just look at them and see which one my "woman's intuition" tells me is going to win. It's very scientific, and I'd bet most women you know who fill out brackets do it that way, too. :)

While I really get nothing but enjoyment out of obsessing over my bracket (I carry a printed copy and highlighters and a sharpie with me everywhere I go during the tournament), I did worry this morning that the whole "madness" part might be seeping into my psyche. See, last night I dreamed about my bracket. It was actually more like a nightmare, because in my dream UNC lost in the first round. I woke up freaking out (for real) because if that had happened, I was kissing any chances of winning my pool goodbye, since I have them in the final four! Luckily I was able to talk myself down and remember that it was virtually impossible for them to have lost to Radford, and I was able to go back to sleep.

I did wake up about 20 minutes earlier than I had to so I could tune in to ESPN and see how I did last night, though. ;-)

Go Memphis!

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