I'm still alive, really.

Man, I have been slackin' on my bloggin' haven't I? Sorry about that. For some reason when my husband works crazy hours I go into an alternate universe. Which basically means I become an extreme couch potato and sit and sulk because I miss him. When I was talking to my friend Glenn, who I ride the bus with, the other day about how sad I was that I wasn't going to see Bryan for a couple of days (his night shift and my day shift meant our paths did not cross at home), he responded, "Wow, you really do miss him, don't you?" Yes, yes I do.

Yesterday Bryan actually got home around 5:30, making it the first time I had seen him in the daylight in about two weeks. He brought home a pizza, and about 20 minutes after we finished eating he was asleep with his head in my lap. The man is exhausted, as is usual with outage season at the power station. Supposedly his new position (since the fall) means he'll work less overtime, but I haven't seen it yet...

The past couple of weeks haven't been especially notable otherwise, with the exception of my foray into the world of quilting, which will be another post altogether... too much to say about that!

Really what it boils down to is I'm totally over winter and ready for some spring weather to come along and perk me up. I've had about enough of cold, rainy days.

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