Doing the swish-swish.

So in a few hours Bryan and I are headed to lovely Snowshoe, WV for the weekend. We're going on a ski trip with a few other couples... one guy Bryan works with and his girlfriend, then some of their friends. This should be very interesting for multiple reasons.

1. I have skiied a grand total of once in my life. Frane can tell you how disastrous it was. I knocked the instructor down four times before reaching the bottom of the practice hill. She was pissed. She said, "No one EVER. Knocks. Me. Down." Guess you're wrong about that, lady!

2. I'm totally not athletic. I was thinking in the shower just now how it could be fun once I get the hang of it, and I thought, "Hmm... really? Being out in the cold, cold snow, exercising? Fun?" I am, however, making every attempt to go into this with a very open mind, because my husband skiied a bit in college and has been wanting to go skiing for the 7 years we've been together and we've never gone. So now's our chance, and I am gonna put on a brave face and be the best Ski Bunny Wife I can be. Although I may turn out to be the best Snow Tubing Bunny Wife I can be. Or perhaps the best Read By The Fire Bunny Wife.

3. We're gonna be the old fogeys. Just by 6 or 7 years, but man, how life has changed (and how lame we've become) in the past 6 or 7 years.

4. I did just recover from a pretty serious illness... but rest assured, at the first sign of feeling sick, I'm off the slopes and in the bar. I mean, in the bed. ;-)

Wish me luck!

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Lucky Mom said...

You break a leg (or arm or neck) and I will kill you!