I should move to San Diego.

Both times I've been to San Diego, I've felt like I should move there. The weather is perfect--basically just like it has been yesterday and today in good ol' Richmond. And it's days like today that make me realize why I'd like to live there: this weather makes me feel so freaking happy I could sing.

I mean, it's probably not just the weather. Recovering from an illness that could have been incredibly serious feels good, as does seeing how amazing my husband is in a crisis. And yesterday I took my health into my own hands and took another day off from work even though I technically could have performed my job. I decided that I needed to do what was best for my body and give it one more day of rest, and it is incredible the difference it made. I mean, I feel great!

On top of all that, this warmth and sunshine just does me good. It makes me realize how much I truly hate cold weather and how much it affects my mood. Not that I'm always in a BAD mood when it's cold, but I certainly am not as chipper as I was today.

I don't know... it's weird. But I just feel like everything is right in my world, in general. And that is a spectacular feeling to have.

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