Ouch! My eyes!

Last night, a routine trip to my shopping mecca, Target, resulted in the purchase of, among many other necessary items, a curling iron. I haven't had a regular sized curling iron since my mall hair days in the mid-nineties, but saw curly haired Project Runway contestant Jillian using one to accent some of the curls on her head, and thought it was high time I bought another one.

This morning I plugged it in and noticed that instead of the typical warning label that's attached to small bathroom appliances--you know, the one that says not to drop it in the bathtub?--it had a different one. The first side was your typical warning to not-too-bright parents:

Don't Touch!

The opposite side is something I've never seen before. Apparently in the past fifteen years, people have become absolute MORONS:

My eyes!

I absolutely can not believe that they actually have to put a warning label on curling irons telling people not to stick them in their eyes. What in the name of God has this world come to?

You know that's because some idiot burned their freaking eyeball and sued the company. Kind of like all coffee cups now say "HOT LIQUID" all over them after that stupid lady sued after she spilled coffee on herself.

Anyway, I guess I'd like to say a special THANK YOU to the folks at Conair. Without them, I'd surely have stuck a piping hot metal appliance in my face and singed my peepers this afternoon.

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Cassandra said...

Well how in the hell are you supposed to curl your eyelashes????