Pissed at the Pringles.

Okay, what in the bloody hell is going on with potato chips.

Last week, I got a bag of Baked Lays out of the vending machine. Believe it or not, I prefer the baked ones to the regular ones when it comes to plain ol' Lays. But people, they have done something to them. I don't know what, but they were not flavorful like they used to be, not as much salt or faux-potato flavor or something. I was annoyed, but I get that the Baked Lays are supposed to be the "healthful" chip option, so if they have to mess around with them to make them healthier, well, I just have to suck it up.

But TODAY! Today, people, I got a little snack pack of Pringles. And pardon my French, but they have royally $@!%ed them up. And I am pissed about it.

The Pringles I know and love (and don't eat very often because they're so bad for you) are greasy, crunchy, salty crescents of potatoey goodness. The Pringle I bit into today? Bland, crispy (VERY different from crunchy), weak-ass, flaky imitation of a Pringle potato chip. I do not know what in the hell they did to my Pringles, but I DON'T LIKE IT.

Screw this nonsense about making JUNK FOOD healthier! How about we Americans learn a little SELF CONTROL and just eat LESS when we indulge in heart-clogging treats?!



Brie said...

I agree!!! WTF, universe? Pringles are not supposed to be good for you...that's why they're so GOOD! :)

Cassandra said...

Ok-- I don't eat Pringles (but Spencer does) I have only noticed that they have a zillion new flavors: guacamole, cheesefries, honey mustard, etc.