Whoopsy Daisy!

This morning, I decided to wear a skirt to work. I grabbed it from the hanger and put one foot in as I stood by the closet, then went to put the other in.

If you are not a woman, you may not understand how simple it should be to put on a cotton jersey skirt with an elastic waistband. To give you menfolk out there some idea, it's kind of like standing in place, holding a hula hoop at knee level in front of you, and stepping into it.

Easy, right?

I fell over.

My freaking foot got stuck on the waistband somehow and with one knee sticking over the top of the skirt, my foot entangled in the elastic and the other leg totally through, I began to fall backwards, and I couldn't straighten myself out fast enough, and so down I went.

Thank God I had gathered all the many things I need to have dry cleaned and they were laying in a pile right underneath where my behind landed.

What in the hell.


Mymsie said...

Isn't it awesome starting the day like that? :)

nikole said...

I hope you don't mind me giggling. But only because I can see myself doing the same thing. :-) I'm glad you're okay!

Kim said...

The more I learn about you, the more I think you and I are a LOT alike. I know this particular fall all too well. I think I have some particular hip injury related to it. I have more to share, though.
You crack me up, by the way, all the time. I come to your blog for my daily laugh.

Cassandra said...

Oh yeah-- I have done this. Jerk up the skirt two quickly and get the waistband caught between your big toe and second toe and somersault my big ass into the side of the closet... yeah...grace without a doubt.