Why, hello, Charleston!

In a few minutes, I'm hitting the road and heading to Charleston, SC. It's my friend Sara's bachelorette weekend! I'm excited--I've never been to Charleston and have heard lots of wonderful things about it. Bryan doesn't get to go, it's Girls Only.

And then next week, I'll be in DC all week for a conference for work, then apparently we're heading to New Jersey or New York or Pennsylvania, depending on where Bryan's whims take us.

And perhaps one day I will stay at home for more than one weekend in a row... not that I'm complaining, but I have been quite the little roadrunner this summer!!


Cassandra said...

OOOH! you are so lucky! My two favorite restaurants: Hymans on Meeting St and California Dreaming out near the Holiday Inn. Have fun!

Kim said...

Charleston...sigh. One of my favorite cities--EVER. I was just there for vacation a few weeks ago. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!