Celebrating the big 3-0!

(Click image to enlarge collage.)

I don't turn 30 until this weekend (August 9, for all you well-wishers), but we will be headed to New Jersey for a wedding, so I had to celebrate a little early. :)

And celebrate I did! We had a great time this past Saturday hanging out with family and friends and eating and drinking and playing. We even borrowed this big inflatable water slide from my boss, and despite it being on its last leg, the kids LOVED it. What a great investment for someone who has kids at their house a lot!

Believe it or not, I was barely even hung over the next day. :)

My grandma and mother-in-law thought they would be cute and put 30 candles on my cake. And of course no one expected me to blow them all out with one try, but I DID! This is the advantage of having this sort of party while you're still actually in your twenties--better lung capacity. Ha! My father-in-law even snapped a picture of me blowing them out. It is just about the most unflattering picture ever, but I've included it in the collage because, dammit, I was proud!

Some played badminton, some played bocce, some played Apples to Apples, some just hung around and chatted and ate and drank. It was a great way to welcome my thirties!


j bird said...

So sorry I missed it! Glad you had fun - and happy b-day!!!

Mymsie said...

Ok, that slide sounds AWESOME and I ♥ badminton!

nikole said...

happy birthday, my dear!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Baby Girl.

Brie said...

Hope you have a great birthday! :)