Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

I need to get a laptop. For reals. Because I hate posting so freaking long after things happen!

I hope everyone had a very nice Turkey Day. Mine was spent in Pennsylvania with my lovely in-laws. The food was great and the company excellent, too. (Although, of course, I missed seeing the rest of my VA family!)

And as a Thanksgiving Day bonus, my brother-in-law Kevin managed to score tickets to the Philadelphia Eagles game that evening, so after we stuffed ourselves to beyond our gastrointestinal limits, we bundled up and headed south for some football!

I was a little worried that I was going to freeze my patootie off, so we stopped at K-Mart (perhaps the ONLY place open on T-giving?) and bought a stash of hand and foot warmers. What a great idea! Between those and the six layers of clothes I had on, I didn't get cold at all until the fourth quarter!

Of course, we may have warmed up a bit by singing the Eagles fight song EIGHT TIMES, after each score! Man, it's good to see my Birds win... 48-20. And the fact that our seats were on the 48 yard line at the very lowest part of the second section made the game all the better!

You can check out the rest of the photos from the Eagles game (and a few of my adorable niece and nephew!) here.

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