My life is "Pickles."

Last night, Bryan and I planned to have a date since he's about to start working the outage, aka: I will not see my husband in daylight for the next several weeks. We were going to go out to dinner and then come home and watch LOST.

We headed to Friday's. A million people outside. Bryan hates waiting to eat, so we decided to go to Mexican. Usually that's fast and there aren't as many people there. Well, I guess the warm weather had EVERYONE going out to dinner, because everywhere we thought we might go was packed.

Finally, my uber-romantic husband says, "I know! Why don't we go to Costco? We can get pizza and hot dogs, and then we can get some stuff that we need there! We can even get milk so we won't have to stop anywhere else!"

People, I won't lie. I was miffed. I had been planning on a nice evening out where I perused a menu, someone asked me what I wanted to eat, and then that person also brought me that food. Costco was NOT what I had in mind. But once Bryan got that idea in his head, I knew if we went somewhere and sat and waited 20 minutes for a table, he was going to be sitting next to me thinking, "We'd have eaten by now if we were at Costco... and we would be shopping now..."

So I gave in. And it was fine. To be fair, Bryan let me peruse the menu, asked me what I wanted, then brought it to me. :) And we had just been out to dinner (in the FAN at a NON-CHAIN restaurant, no less!) with our friends Rich and Kristy on Wednesday, and I'm going out to eat with some girlfriends today at a restaurant in Carytown... so I get my real restaurant fix elsewhere. :)

Anyway, this morning, I woke up and did my normal Saturday routine: coffee and the newspaper. When I finally got to the comic section, I about died. I have always said that the comic strip "Pickles" is my life (except we're much younger), but today... today was uncanny.

You can read more Pickles here.

If ever there was a question if we were an "old married couple," I believe it has been answered.


Suzanne said...

How funny is that!

JYNX'd said...

hahahahaha!! i have never seen that comic strip..i should look for it and read some past ones! how apropos! and, how bad is it that im jealous of a night out at costco? i know..i need help!