Seat Sprinkler: CAUGHT!

Well, the mystery of the Sanger Hall 12th Floor Seat Sprinkler has been solved. I looked through my archives and can't believe that the only time I've mentioned her on this blog was when I was singing the praises of the first floor bathroom. Maybe I just feel like I've talked about it because Jynx'd talks about the signs in the bathroom so often on her blog. Regardless, let me give you a little background...

There are two bathrooms on this floor. One is just a few steps from my office. The other is at the other end of the building where the Anatomy department is, and it smells to high heaven down there... like rats and other caged animals. So needless to say, the only bathroom I typically use is the one right here. Well, I am not a squatter. I sit on the toilet. Which you might think is gross, but I don't care. It's only gross when you find your rear end wet in a few spots when you reach the seat. Or even worse, when your rear end is not just wet in a few spots, but ALL OVER because some VERY inconsiderate squatter rained pee all over the seat and didn't bother to mop up. (Not WIPE up, because that would imply just a swish here and there would clean up the mess. MOP up. As in, there's a big spill, better break out the heavy artillery.)

In case you haven't gotten the point yet, we have a seriously offensive Seat Sprinkler up here.

Others on our floor have taken to creating signs not unlike the one my grandma used to have in her bathroom: "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie." You would think these signs would shame the seat sprinkler into cleaning up after herself, but no. They do not.

So we had already deduced that whoever the Seat Sprinkler is, she is rude and insensitive, or she can't read. And the one lady who has made the signs told me she knew who it was, but of course she wasn't going to tell me. So her identity has been a mystery for some time...

Until TODAY!

That's right, my co-worker Sharon happened to be in the potty next door to this woman while she was committing the offense, and through some detective work, she has identified the Seat Sprinkler! And I am not surprised at who it is. I am so tempted to take a picture of her Michael Phelps-style and put her on a Wanted poster... "WANTED: SEAT SPRINKLER. FOR BEING GROSS. AND DIRTY. AND DISGUSTING."

But I won't. Mainly because I'm scared she'd find out it was me who did it and beat me up. ;-)

(I found that picture at the top on the Silicon Valley Moms Blog through a google search... I don't know where they sell that TP, but maybe we could get some!)

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Kim said...

I never understand why people do that. It is NOT THAT DIFFICULT or time consuming to clean up after yourself.
I think a few carefully placed signs using her initials would be warranted. Something like: JL, we know you are the seat sprinkler. Clean up after yourself!!!!

"Which you might think is gross, but I don't care".--This made me laugh so hard.