Stand up, sit down, fight fight fight!

Last night as Bryan and I watched the President address Congress (and us), we commented about how tiring it must be for all those people to keep standing up to clap, then sitting down for 2 minutes, then stand up again, then sit down... for, what, an hour and a half!?

Bryan suggested Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi needed to get big sticks and paste cardboard cutouts of their heads on the top of them, that way when it was time to stand up, they could just remain seated and lift their "heads" up to where they would be if they were standing. Not a bad idea, eh?

We liked the idea so much, in fact, that Bryan made us some prototypes to use for the rest of the speech...

Why, yes, yes we are big dorks... but we have a damn good time at my house. :)

**(I'm working on a post about our cruise... I've been sick and busy to boot... it'll come, I promise!)


Kim said...

That is hilarious! Isn't it great, though, to WANT to watch the president speak, and to know he can speak in complete sentences and with proper grammar??? I am still adjusting to it, and LOVE it.

MarĂ­a Merced said...

LOL Well, u guys are my favorite dorky couple! HAHA! Very funny! I can't wait to tell my friend who was watching it with me and we were also making comments about it. Can i steal your pics so i can show him? :)